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Stoned Pirates is the moniker of Khaled, a visual artist, filmmaker and musician. Exposed to visual art and music at a young age, he grew up listening to rock, pop and disco. He taught himself music on a broken two-string guitar. Songs come naturally to him, out of urgency, he started a band and sung his heart out to a young Algerian audience that seemed to connect very well, but soon after, he put his dreams in a bag and moved to Los Angeles to further his career in music and film.

Stoned Pirates peculiar style comes from Khaled’s wide influences that range from classic rock, like the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Guns N’ Roses to pop music reminding of Michael Jackson’s 80s era. The music also has a dancy groove and disco guitars a la Nile Rodgers and Boney M , all subconsciously spiced up with a subtle Algerian flavor.

Khaled, Not only he produces his own music, but he also makes his own visual art for Stoned Pirates, which will be revealed in his upcoming debut EP releasing August.